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IT & CRM Guru
Europeans United For Informed Action (Euforia)
Domain Science et technologie
Type Contrat à durée indéterminée
Location Geneva
Rate 40 %

IT & CRM Guru

The IT & CRM Guru will be part of a one-person  team, and will be working often with the different teams from euforia.


  • Deciding on the CRM software, platform structure and architecture. 
  • Running trainings and working closely with all the circles within euforia to ensure the CRM works effectively for all required aspects across the organisation.
  • Manage the usage of Google Apps within euforia.
  • Optional, depending on interests: providing guidance on which softwares and hardwares are best adapted for euforia’s IT needs.   


  • 40% work rate for the first two months with a monthly gross salary of CHF 2’000.-. 
  • 10% work rate afterwards with a monthly gross salary of CHF 500.-. 

Value for Swiss based employees. For employees abroad the salary is calculated using the Power Purchasing Parity.


As soon as possible


Geneva, Switzerland with the possibility of working from home and a flexible time schedule.

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Send your application by e-mail to the attention of:
Luis Costa (
Europeans United For Informed Action (Euforia)
Rue des Savoises 15
1205 Geneva (Geneva)