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Volunteer Coordinator
Domain Autre
Type Bénévolat
Location Remote / Worldwide
Rate 40 %

Volunteer Coordinator

Do you love helping people find their niche?

Do you want to organise a global team that is changing the world?

Are you creative, strategic, and dynamic?

The slavefreetrade team is looking for someone to fill the big shoes of Volunteer Coordinator.

We need: to expand our online recruitment of volunteers and interview and match new volunteers to positions where they can shine. We want: to devise a strategy to keep a regular roll call system for our current volunteers! You are: a go-getter, a team player, and a motivator. You have: an eye for seeing the best in people and a knack for getting the job done and being an organisational superstar while doing it!

If you would love to help end modern slavery by putting the pieces of our puzzle together, we want to hear from you!

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Apply online at:
Rue de Lausanne
1202 Geneva (Geneva)