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Welcome to the CAGI website ! Welcome to Geneva !

If you are working for:

  • an International Organisation
  • a Permanent Mission
  • a Consulate
  • an NGO (association - foundation)
  • an International Sports Federation
  • a Multinational Corporation

the Geneva Welcome Centre (CAGI) offers you  many free services to facilitate your settling-in and integration in the Lake Geneva region. Our colleagues from the housing, information, events and NGO Services as well as  the "Cultural Kiosk at the UN" will give you all the assistance you need, responding to your requests.

Do not hesitate to stop by and visit us, we are here for you !


NGO News

Consult the opportunities online
The NGO service offers a free employment exchange designed to bring together NGOs and persons wishing to have a paid job, or an internship, or to do volunteer work, in an NGO

From Research to Practice: Training Course in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research
Organized by the Geneva Foundation for Medical Education and Research (GFMER)& World Health Organization (WHO, with the support of the Republic and Canton of Geneva

CAGI Events

Upcoming Afterworks
Once a month CAGI organises evenings in a friendly atmosphere so as to promote get-togethers of Internationals and the local population

Delegates Welcome Service News

Practical guide for delegates
The Delegates Welcome Service provides all relevant information to delegates to facilitate the proper conduct of their stay.

Temporary exhibition
Come discover the exhibition "Diverse Perspectives on the Environment, Citizenship and Volunteerism" of ICVolontaires (ICV) from 1st of September to 15th of December!

Accommodation for delegates
The Delegates Welcome Service can organise and contribute to the financing of a budget accommodation for short stays.

Meeting room for Delegates Welcome Service
The Delegates Welcome Service provides a meeting room for delegates with a capacity of 25 people.

PC Working room of the Delegates Welcome Service
Several workstations with computers, printer, scanner and copy-machine are available for delegates without any reservation.

Lounge of the Delegates Welcome Service
A spacious and cozy lounge area, ideal for work and interact with other delegates in an informal environment is also available to delegates.

Events of the Delegates Welcome Service
The Delegates Service organizes various events during the main conferences in order to promote synergies between delegates.

Delegates Welcome Service
The CAGI offers logistical and financial support for delegates attending International conferences in Geneva.

Online Brochures GE & VD

Geneva Pocket Maps
Wie Gott im Welschland - Lucky eight tour - Spirit of Geneva - Welcome to the Capital of excellence - Surprenante Genève - Explore Geneva's Hidden Gems

Fun, Festival, Events 2014
When it comes to special events, the Lake Geneva Region is proud of its long tradition of cultural attractions and occasions that are fun and festive. Throughout the year, the region sways to the rhythm of major festivals and events that are of international interest or out of the ordinary.

The Lake Geneva Region
Would you like to discover new horizons? Then escape, for a few days, to the beautiful Lake Geneva Region. There's so much for you to see and to be captivated by. From our lakeside villages to our high alpine stations, from the Jura mountains to our tranquil countryside, a complete change of scene is guaranteed.

Top 100 experiences
The most striking encounters with Nature, selected by Swiss experts,

Handicap & Culture - Ville de Genève
About disability and culture (in french only)

Getting away at your own pace
Switzerland Mobility itineraries on foot, by bike, by mountain bike or on roller skates

What's on in Geneva

JazzContreband Festival
October 2nd to 25th, 2014 - The cross-border JazzContreBand Festival celebrates its 18th edition. 3 weeks of music and feast with musicians of the regional, national and international scene. Location: AMR de Genève, Chat Noir, Temple de Carouge, Épicentre, Plage de Hermance

In Geneva from October 10th to December 21st, 2014

Imagine Geneva
Geneva Tourism & Convention will guide you through the city and its region through a unique, creative and ongoing concept

Holders of the Geneva Pass can make use of all the diversity of the Genevan touristic offers whilst enjoying preferential fares, free entries and gifts. The principle is very simple. From the moment you hold your Geneva Pass, valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours, you can set forth to discover Geneva. It is your “open Sesame” to museums, cruises, visits, tours and many other surprises!

What's on in Lake Geneva Region

Private guided tour: a zigzag stroll through Carouge
A microcosm with a thousand facets, the Sardinian city little by little reveals its secrets: the name of a street evoking a past full of history, a garden or a courtyard discovered by pushing open a door...

Lavaux - UNESCO World Heritage Site
The Lavaux vineyards have been part of the UNESCO World Heritage Programme since 2007. The site illustrates the interaction between man and Nature. It is henceforth protected from creeping urbanisation.

Nyon, roman town
The Museum is installed in the basilica of the Roman forum. Noviodunum, a colony founded by Julius Cesar, has left many vestiges behind, in particular the amphitheatre discovered in 1996.

Yvoire, medieval bourg since 1306
This medieval bourg, ideally situated on the expanse separating the "little lake" from the "great lake", still possesses some of the essential elemants of the fortifications of the 14th Century : the castle, doors, ramparts...

Tradion & Know-how
Discover the Salt Mines in Bex, the Distillery for medicinal and aromatic plants in Bassins, the Wood Museum at Arboretum in Aubonne, and more....

Léman sans frontière
42 Franco-Swiss attractions to discover unforgettable places, picturesque towns and charming recreation areas.

IO Exhibitions and Museums

International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum
From May 7, 2014 to January 4, 2015 - New exhibition "All too human 20th and 21st century artists and suffering"

Geneva Culture Trails
From one Museum to another. Follow one of these heritage trails and discover cultural Geneva from a new angle!

Musée international de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge
The new permanent exhibition is an introduction to contemporary humanitarian action, breaking away from traditional museography.

The Olympic Museum
The Olympic Museum re-opens to the public after 23 months of renovation. It is now welcoming visitors on three floors, with a permanent exhibition area of over 3,000m2.

Lake Geneva Museum, Nyon
Since 1954, the year of its foundation, the Lake Geneva Museum has gathered a unique collection of objects

The Art and History Museum
Current exhibitions in the MAHs: Maison Tavel, Rath Museum, Musée d'art et d'histoire, etc...

Museum of the History of Science
Parc de la Perle du Lac in Geneva. Many scientific instruments of past centuries with nice documentation. Free entrance!

Geneva Museum of Natural History
The Museum preserved million specimens belonging to the exceptionnel natural heritage. Invaluable, they are the delight of scientists...

Public Museums
In presenting jointly 36 museums and arts centres, the Cultural Affairs Department of the city of Geneva seeks to underscore the contribution and importance of each of these institutions

Museums in the Lake Geneva Region
The Lake Geneva Region offers over a hundred museums exhibiting a vaste range of cultural heritage items !

Microcosm Exhibition at CERN
From the infinitely large to the infinitesimally small, Microcosm will give you the key to understanding the secrets of matter.

Univers of Particles Exhibition
CERN - Globe of Science and Innovation - Entrance free

For a successful integration

Bureau de l'Intégration de Genève
This document contains practical information on a range of subjects - timetables, mobility, social assistance, culture, etc. as well as the most useful addresses.

Welcome to the Canton of Vaud
Expat Guide - Services for individuals

Swiss Portal My Switzerland.com
General Facts about Switzerland: shopping, currency, public holidays, education and private schools, nightlife, etc...

The Swiss Portal: ch.ch
The administration accessible to all. Switzerland in all its many forms: Switzerland through multimedia, The Country and its population, Daily life and travel, etc...

Life in Switzerland: How the Swiss live, Swiss knowhow, Typically Swiss, Switzerland facts, Making a presentation about Switzerland, etc...