SIG: nouvelle collection des Carafes Eau de Genève


Acheter une carafe, c’est adopter un geste engagé et solidaire.

Disponible au kiosque culturel du CAGI à l’ONUG (Porte C6)

Offre spéciale: 2 carafes achetées, 1 gourde offerte (dans la limite du stock disponible)
Special offer: Buy 2 carafes, Get 1 free flask (within stock availability)
Prix: CHF 20.- la carafe, CHF 5.- la gourde


FIFOG: “14ème édition du Festival International du Film Oriental”

Cinémas du Grütli

du 29 avril au 5 mai

Placée sous le signe de « l’éloge de la différence », cette nouvelle édition va montrer une centaine de films, tous genres confondus, accompagnée par des auteurs ou des spécialistes.

L’édition 2019 du FIFOG, cherche à mettre en évidence ce nouveau cinéma qui résulte de la reconnaissance de l’Autre nié pendant très longtemps. Elle montera des films qui plaident pour le droit à la différence et la promotion de la diversité.

Pour plus d’informations sur

Billetterie disponible au Kiosque Culturel du CAGI à l’ONUG (Porte C6)

Offre spéciale: 15% de rabais sur le plein tarif aux Cinémas du Grütli(dans la limite des places disponibles) / Special offer: 15% off on full ticket at Cinémas du Grütli (within ticket availability)


ADG Europe & TNT Theatre Britain: “Pygmalion” par Bernard Shaw

Hz 2018 Pygmalion Geneva 6 1

Uptown Geneva

Vendredi 25 janvier à 14h et 20h



is a masterpiece of English (or Irish!) dramatic literature. Shaw explores complex themes with a lightness of touch, warmth, and humour. Professor Higgins is a both a misogynist monster and a blunt pursuer of truth in a world of oral hypocrisy and s class snobbery. His attempts to transform the poor flower seller, Eliza, into a Duchess for the day are both a triumph and a personal disaster; for the bachelor-professor comes to depend and perhaps adore his student, whilst the student surpasses her teacher and arrives not just at an understanding of society but of the role of women in that society. Eliza is a superb creation, a proto-feminist in a misogynist age (so what has changed?) and a class warrior who takes no prisoners but achieves all of this with a smile. Indeed, the play is full of wise woman and foolish men, which in the world of ‘hash tag Me Too’ is a good place to start a play. TNT theatre, directed by Paul Stebbings, transforms this script from a mountain of words into a dynamic and action packed social comedy. Music and above all dance and stylised movement create an accessible and fast-moving comedy. The dance of words is transformed into the dance of life and the audience are carried away is a dizzy whirl of laughter, love, folly, and wisdom. In the hundred years since George Bernard Shaw wrote PYGMALION the world has changed because our values have changed, (and mostly for the better). PYGMALION not only reflects that change with wit and poise but has been part of that change. It remains, rightly, one of the most performed and loved pieces of dramatic literature since Shakespeare.

has so many characters in what might be called a main role: plots interweave with subplots until we are almost giddy.

Billetterie disponible au kiosque culturel du CAGI à l’ONUG (Porte C6)

Offre spéciale: Adultes: 36.- au lieu de 45.-, Etudiants: 22.-au lieu de 27.- et AVS/AHV: 30.- au lieu de 37.- Special offer: Adults: 36.- instead of 45.-, Students: 22.- instead of 27.- and AVS/AHV: 30.- instead of 37.-