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ADG Europe & TNT Theatre Britain: “Twelfth Night” by William Shakespeare

Sans titreChâteau de Prangins

Les 9 et 10 juin à 19h30

This is Shakespeare’s greatest and last pure comedy, the master at the height of his art. The play explores the great obsessions of human life: love, jealousy, class, gender, greed and passion. And if it explores the serious within us it also revels in merriment: drinking has a key place in the play as does song and laughter in all its forms from melancholy wit to slapstick comedy. The enemy of laughter is the butt of the play’s humour: Malvolio the Puritan, a spoil sport in the palaces of fun. Set against Malvolio’s malevolence is the swashbuckling joy of Sir Toby Belch, the mischievous servant Maria and the wit of the wise clown, Feste. No play of Shakespeare has so many characters in what might be called a main role: plots interweave with subplots until we are almost giddy.

Billetterie disponible au kiosque culturel du CAGI à l’ONUG (Porte C6)

Offre spéciale: Adultes: 40.- au lieu de 45.-, Etudiants: 24.-au lieu de 27.- et AVS/AHV: 33.- au lieu de 37.- Special offer: Adults: 40.- instead of 45.-, Students: 24.- instead of 27.- and AVS/AHV: 33.- instead of 37.-

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