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MUSEE D’ETHNOGRAPHIE DE GENEVE: “Le Chamane et la pensée de la forêt”

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Jusqu’au 8 janvier 2017

The MEG – Musée d’ethnographie de Genève – curates one of the most important Amazonian ethnographic collections in Europe, remarkable as much for the quality, provenance and cultural diversity of the objects as for their number (nearly 6,000). For the first time in decades the Museum is exhibiting a wide range of objects from this region. “Amazonia. The Shaman and the Mind of the Forest” is a testimony to the history and plight of the indigenous peoples, who, since the first settlers set foot on their soil, have survived the encroachment of pioneer fronts, exogenous diseases, “pacification” programs, sedentarisation and missionary activities.

Billetterie disponible au kiosque culturel du CAGI à l’ONUG (Porte C6)

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