ADG Europe & TNT Theatre Britain: “Othello” by William Shakespeare

Château de Prangins

26 september 2020 – 6pm

PLay in english

Othello might be the finest play ever written. And, like so many of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, it is a work much misunderstood. This is not a play about the helpless victim Desdemona falling to the cruelty of her husband and treachery of Iago. This is a play about fascination – fascination in love, fascination and jealousy, fascination and death. The central characters are caught in a terrifying vortex of their own making and perhaps their own desire.

Othello is the fascinating outsider, the dark “other”, but also a conqueror, general and leader of men. Iago is Shakespeare’s largest role, a huge complex character consumed by envy and giddy with the power he wields over his so called “superior” Othello.

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